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Flyin High

Fasten your seat belts and be prepared for an experience not seen on the Amiga before. Flyin' High is released and brings to you a completely new dimension of 3-D racinggames. You are speeding with full throttle through fully textured and great race-tracks featuring ice, mud, forest and normal streets. Are you ready for this ?

System requirement:

Amiga with AmigaOS 3.x, AGA or gfxboard, 4 MB FastRAM, 20 MB Harddrive

Flyin High DataSet 1

Can't you get enough from Flyin' High ? We understand that and therefore we have released the Flyin High Datadisks. On two Disks you will find 2 completely new Worls with 5 new Tracks per World.

Flyin High DataSet 2

Additional Worlds and Sounds for Flyin High

The team of "PURE" has been working in its Game kitchen and presents two new disks. They come with two brand-new amazing worlds to race and will take your breath away.